Josh Duffy - Graphic Design


A 54 page publication which questions the role of author in the modern day. Commenting on notions of reproduction, alteration and appropriation, Death
highlights the blurring of lines between author and reader, creating new from
old and diverting from previous meaning.


Natura:002 - Ice/Glacies
The second in a series of developing publications, each displaying another of
the beautiful extremes of nature. Natura:002 takes a unique look at glaciers
and ice formations through satellite imagery and pre-1920 expedition
photography, juxtaposing the arial digital images of today with man's analogue
impression of the early 20th century.



An experimental modern serif display typeface with high contrast.
Displayed over three A3 posters, with one A3 tracing paper overlay.

Phoenix — Typeface

An A1 poster which visualises the Drake Equation, first devised by Francis
Drake to estimate the amount of planets in our galaxy with the ability to
sustain life, therefore the amount of extraterrestrial beings that are potentially
in existence in the Milky Way.

The Drake Equation

More images to follow shortly.

Fractures – Update Coming Soon

NK Magazine Concept
Front cover concept for a magazine using photography from Nick Knight.
An exercise in balance and composition.

NK Magazine Concept
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